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Want to Make the FIRST DANCE at your Wedding a cherished memory?
Impress your guests with your dancing expertise and the musicality of your chosen song. Learn Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, or Freestyle under the tutelage of an award winning dancer and instructor. Simone has a well-known reputation of breadth of knowledge and expert teaching. <br> <br> The first dance is an important, symbolic moment on your wedding day. Feel confident and enjoy yourself. Also by learning some dance concepts you will gain expertise that you can use for the rest of your marriage. Simone can help you pick your music and choreograph a dance with the song you have chosen. She perceptively works with your abilities to design a dance allowing the both of you to shine. It is best to start at the least six months ahead of your date although Simone can work within any time frame. Simone also works with the entire bridal party so the dance floor is more lively and exciting! Consider a dance lesson at your bridal shower!



“We were running out of time and desperately needed dance lessons. Simone took us, green as can be, and gave us the moves to dance our first dance together with style. We were amazed at her talent, directness and patience. Bravo, Simone – you worked magic…all in just six hours.” Dave & Michelle, West Orange   “We enjoyed working with Simone, an excellent instructor. She helped us craft a unique and exciting opening dance for our wedding which set the tone for the rest of the party!” Bill & Patti, Sussex   “I was so thankful to Simone for saving me from feeling humiliated in front of my friends and family. She gave me the information I needed to get out there and feel good. Thank you so much.” Keith, Caldwell “Simone was just great. She taught us so much and made it fun to learn People love our dance and asked us where we learned. We’re going to continue our studies with her.” Patricia and Angelo, Rutherford

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