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Knowledge ~ Authenticity ~ Passion

  Simone can help bring an event alive with her skill of teaching and organization for party planning. Public event/private residence.
Lead group in dance instruction at beginning of event DJ for party  -swing, latin, ballroom, mixed Mingle with guests offering helpful hints Lead dance contest

 “Simone has a gift for creating an inviting and exhilarating event with an atmosphere in which folks are able to relax and test the new waters.”  [br]Andrea, The Open Center, NYC

“Simone, I just wanted to thank you for doing the excellent swing session at NEFFA this year!!!  You got many rave reviews on the evaluation forms, noting the excellent, clear teaching.  I caught the tail end of it myself and I was most impressed — bravo!!”
Diane Gonzales, NEFFA Program Committee 
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“Tarentella”[br]Taught for the Italian-American Club of New Jersey


Swinging at Simone’s

Her entry is quietly marooned in dressage
Her bobby socks show her cute devilishness
Her mischievous manner hales a lightness of existence
Her energy lies latent ready for explosive retrieval
Her expression speaks an embrace of delighted playfulness
Her vivaciousness suffuses the room causing a cacophony of capriciousness
Her nature is of a gifted loveliness
Entrancing us with her wondrous vitality of indicative viscosity
Her captivating verve ruptures the atmosphere
Preparing the participants for an evening of frivolous frivolity
Draped in a seriousness of delicious excitement
Epitomized by her genuine smile of insouciance
Her agreeable demeanor demands a surrender of the elements
Resulting in a galvanized air of anticipation
They word go resonates in very muscle of each student
She makes the word alive seem small in comparison
Her exterior portrays a coiled spring waiting to be released
Then she goes
Her effervescence unravels in golden shades of intangibility
She reverberates into the very essence of the ambiance
Superlatives secretly rumble in concordance
Marvelous look at her in astonished admiration
Superb looks on in bewilderment
Amazing turns in on itself not knowing where to go
Tremendous stand in disbelief at the display
Fantastic stands and applauds
Outstanding just stares in belief
Incredible bombards itself with incredulity
Remarkable and spectacular argue over
Who is first to congratulate her performance
Her liveliness breaks up the discourse
Her ebullience takes off the kid gloves for the real sparks to fly
Her vigor and gaiety goad all into an invitation of blissful participation
Where the possibility of happiness and joy happens in its entirety
People comment that heaven is a place in the afterlife
It’s here at Simones and it’s real…

Peter Copyright Peter Campbell 4/30/2003