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The Expressive Movement Center for Creative Aging

Dancing has been proven to improve muscle strength, balance, endurance and increase sense of happiness in older adults. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that dancing in adults 75 and older reduces stress and depression; Increases energy and serotonin; Improves flexibility, strength, balance and endurance; strengthens bones; boasts cardiovascular health; increases mental capacity by exerting cognitive processes; helps with decision making and creates new neural paths.   Simone is a National Center for Creative Aging-trained educator. In 2012, she was selected to complete NCCA’s “Arts & Aging Core Training” held at the Arts Council in Princeton. The following year she was given a scholarship to complete the studies at the Creative Aging Training Institute at The Creative Center at University Settlement in New York City.   Simone’s classes draws from her vast background in arts/movement/yoga. She focuses on key concepts that the older adult can benefit from in a fun and artistic manner.    She has also led mature adult workshops and classes through organizations such as Arts Horizons, DVP and through various SU CASA grants at numerous senior centers.   

“I hear such wonderful reports about Simone’s classes! They really look forward to it!”
Emilia Roman, Program Director, Parkside Senior Center, Bronx


“I love Simone’s positive class. It’s the only time my body doesn’t hurt.” Gladys Alleyne

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