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Knowledge ~ Authenticity ~ Passion

Learn a Valuable, Usable Skill! Move in a Fun way! Meet New People! No Partner Needed!   Simone is one of the pioneers of the resurgence of swing dance in Manhattan in the 90’s and has won numerous competitions. Her mentor has been Frankie Manning, Legendary Lindy Hop Master. Performance groups she has been a member of include The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, known for her aerials, Hop, Swing & a Jump, Swing Time and her own Swinging with Simone® performance groups. She inspired and led a vibrant swing dance scene through her classes, workshops and bi-monthly dances, The Jersey Bounce, creating a venue for numerous people to learn to free their bodies and to connect through dance.

“The creative muse, Simone, has inspired us all.”  Hillary Fandel, Teacher

“Simone is the catalyst, elevating everyone’s spirit to a greater level for the enjoyment and art of the dance.” David Johnson, student
Classes start Thursday, JANUARY 17th in Montclair
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“Simone‘s energy is contagious and her teaching style allows you to see real improvement from one lesson to the next.” Maureen Horn, Student 

Frankie Manning and Simone Image
“Simone is a very talented dancer and a star of the entertainment world.”
Frankie Manning, Legendary Lindy Hop Master
Voted BEST DANCE LESSONS Morris| Essex Health & Life Magazine. Simone is by far the best teacher I’ve ever encountered. While her classes are relaxed and friendly, she still maintains a very serious and disciplined atmosphere during class. I appreciate her ability to break down even the most complex movements into easily understood pieces and then reinforce them. Unlike most teachers I’ve experienced in the past who spent most of their time on the steps, she understands and more importantly is able to teach that dancing isn’t just the steps, it’s the movement through space and time with those we dance with, and its that movement together that really is the essence of the dance.” Beate Bolen, Barclay Investments, Inc.