“I recently said to someone when describing Simone Coonrod that highly-qualified is an understatement. Ms Coonrod knows her material thoroughly and teaches it well. She is a true example of a master teacher. Her depth of knowledge of dance as it relates to American history, regional studies and cultural studies is unparalleled and evidenced in her classes.” Irene Hall, Leader and Co-Founder, Discovery Charter School, Newark, NJ
Simone works in private/public schools with students of all ages toward the development of a healthy body with an artistic mind.

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Simone and her group brought us a performance that wasn’t just good -it was excellent! It was engaging, lively, and such fun to watch. A top notch New York performance in the afternoon! What a treat!” Adunni Anderson, Principal, Edgemount School, Montclair


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“Simone’s presentations to my class were very clever in how she broke down important concepts of the music and dance in such an intriguing way. It was perfect for the children to prepare for the performance which was dazzling. The children were watching every movement.” Mary Fiumara, 2nd grade “My students reacted with such enthusiasm that they continued dancing well after Simone‘s presentations. The movement my first graders were involved with was perfect for their age and yet Simone had great control.” Kathleen Hart, 1st grade “We were all so thrilled with the “Swinging with Simone” performance! What joy! We were so moved that we wanted to get up and dance ourselves!” Anne Fagan, 4th grade “The ‘Swinging with Simone‘ class was so innovative and inspiring. She brought out creativity in movement to music I didn’t realize my children were capable of! I will certainly utilize some of what I observed.” Roxanne Zay, Pre-School, First Cerebral Palsy of NJ

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