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Knowledge ~ Authenticity ~ Passion

[br] Simone can help bring an event alive with her skill of teaching and organization for party planning. Public event/private residence. [br] [br]
Lead group in dance instruction at beginning of event [br] DJ for party  -swing, latin, ballroom, mixed [br] Mingle with guests offering helpful hints [br] Lead dance contest [br]

 “Simone has a gift for creating an inviting and exhilarating event with an atmosphere in which folks are able to relax and test the new waters.”  [br]Andrea, The Open Center, NYC

“Simone, I just wanted to thank you for doing the excellent swing session at NEFFA this year!!!  You got many rave reviews on the evaluation forms, noting the excellent, clear teaching.  I caught the tail end of it myself and I was most impressed — bravo!!”
Diane Gonzales, NEFFA Program Committee 
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“Tarentella”[br]Taught for the Italian-American Club of New Jersey


Swinging at Simone’s

Her entry is quietly marooned in dressage Her bobby socks show her cute devilishness[br] Her mischievous manner hales a lightness of existence[br] Her energy lies latent ready for explosive retrieval[br] Her expression speaks an embrace of delighted playfulness[br] Her vivaciousness suffuses the room causing a cacophony of capriciousness[br] Her nature is of a gifted loveliness[br] Entrancing us with her wondrous vitality of indicative viscosity[br] Her captivating verve ruptures the atmosphere[br] Preparing the participants for an evening of frivolous frivolity[br] Draped in a seriousness of delicious excitement[br] Epitomized by her genuine smile of insouciance[br] Her agreeable demeanor demands a surrender of the elements[br] Resulting in a galvanized air of anticipation[br] They word go resonates in very muscle of each student[br] She makes the word alive seem small in comparison[br] Her exterior portrays a coiled spring waiting to be released[br] Then she goes[br] Her effervescence unravels in golden shades of intangibility[br] She reverberates into the very essence of the ambiance[br] Superlatives secretly rumble in concordance[br] Marvelous look at her in astonished admiration[br] Superb looks on in bewilderment[br] Amazing turns in on itself not knowing where to go[br] Tremendous stand in disbelief at the display[br] Fantastic stands and applauds[br] Outstanding just stares in belief[br] Incredible bombards itself with incredulity[br] Remarkable and spectacular argue over[br] Who is first to congratulate her performance[br] Her liveliness breaks up the discourse[br] Her ebullience takes off the kid gloves for the real sparks to fly[br] Her vigor and gaiety goad all into an invitation of blissful participation[br] Where the possibility of happiness and joy happens in its entirety[br] People comment that heaven is a place in the afterlife[br] It’s here at Simones and it’s real…[br]

Peter[br] Copyright Peter Campbell 4/30/2003