Swing New Jersey!

Monday, October 8, 2007

For The Floor!

Dance Fundraiser for the Women's Club
Swing, Ballroom, Latin, Techno, the Slide, YMCA or whatever you want!
Bring your favorite music and we'll all boogie with you.

Saturday, October 13th
The floor is cherry, built in 1929 ~an interesting year.Auction listings are below. If you would like to donate a service or object you have no need of, please bring it with a piece of paper with your name and minimum bid
*Silent Auction*
*Dollar a Dance*
*Door Prizes*
*Dance Demos*

SWS Students have been very generous with their donations
Here are some to whet your appetitie:

A hand knitted handbag -Pat wow!
A selection from Moby Dick read to you at the location of your choice, delivered in an "Old Salt" costume -James alright!
A custom-made, vintage-style dress. Designed, fitted, and constructed just for you -Jennifer hold the girls back!
Homemade dinner: best cassoulet ever (or best vegetarian lasagne ever) -Meredith yum, yum!
Very good condition Trek mountain bike -Debra & Richie it's mine!
A Ukulele duet at your house or gathering -Pat & James very nice!
A custom dance step named in the donor's honor -Simone that's right!

Hope to see you there!


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