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Simone uniquely combines athletic training, music education and a natural gift for musical movement to create a studio "where artistry meets fun". A competitive gymnast throughout university, Simone was voted most valuable team gymnast for her champion status and performance panache.

With a BA in Music Education and a Masters in Performance, she is a freelance harpist in the metropolitan area. Simone is one of the pioneers of the resurgence of swing dance in Manhattan in the 90's and has won numerous competitions. Her mentor has been Frankie Manning, Legendary Lindy Hop Master. Performance groups she has been a member of include The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, where she was known for her aerials, Hop, Swing & a Jump, and Swing Time.

Her vision for movement brings her into residencies in schools and institutions where she leads creative workshops. Her dance instruction has taken her to Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Argentina.

Though her passion for excellence in dance is evident, Simone insists on a spirit of generosity in her SWINGING WITH SIMONE!® dance events. The dances and the students speak for themselves.


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"...Simone's smile radiates the room; her joie de vivre infects the air with goodwill, good fun, and growth..."
David Keiser, Montclair State University

"In Montclair, one woman is synonymous with swing- Simone."
The Montclair Times

"Coonrod, a woman whose physique hints at her gymnast past and whose bright smile hints at her spirit, leads her parties with an infectious giddiness that cheerleaders might murder for."
The Herald News

"Simone is a gifted, special dancer. So many have been inspired by the 'Simone style', beautiful, full of life and daring."
Elizabeth Kim, Dance Instructor

"Simone is a beautiful dancer and a delight to work with."
Margaret Battiuchok, President, New York Swing Dance Society

"Simone's charm, style and dancing expertise resulted in a fabulous evening of swing dancing at The Newark Museum.She was friendly in everyway, instructing a group of people with different levels of experience both with ease and grace. Thank you Simone -- indeed you are truly a swing dancing sensation!"
Becky Schutt, Special Assistant to the Director, The Newark Museum

"....Simone of Swinging with Simone Studios has enough energy to light up Radio City."
The Montclair Times

"Simone is truly amazing, she approaches everything she undertakes with an artist's eye of innovation, beauty and excitement."
Ron Owens, President, Special Events Associates

"We were inspired by Simone's wonderful performance and thoughtful teaching at Frankie Manning's Millennium Birthday Bash [Tokyo 2000]."
Hiro Yamada, President, Tokyo Swing Dance Society

"Simone had the whole square swinging at NJ PAC!"
Elisabeth Ssenjovu, Producer Sounds of the City

" People are inspired by Simone's incredible magnetism when she teaches and dances. It is a rare quality indeed."
Larry Stack, AMC Leader

"Simone dances from the heart and it is real."
Dawn Hampton

"Simone is the best! period. She's got everything- a natural ability, her own style, beauty, playfulness, charm, smoothness, atheletism, personality, intelligence, sass and class. But most important it's real and it's her."
John Wise

QUOTES from Dancers

“Simone is a delight! Her passion for dance is contagious and her classes are filled with enthusiasm, energy and excitement.”
Jeanne Jeffrey, Teacher

"Simone is fantastic and full of brilliant ideas as well as a great dancer, great teacher, great hostess and plays great music!"
Anthony, Brooklyn

"Simone is by far the best teacher I've ever encountered. While her classes are relaxed and friendly, she still maintains a very serious and disciplined atmosphere during class. I appreciate her ability to break down even the most complex movements into easily understood pieces and then reinforce them. Unlike most teachers I've experienced in the past who spent most of their time on the steps, she understands and more importantly is able to teach that dancing isn't just the steps, it's the movement through space and time with those we dance with, and its that movement together that really is the essence of the dance."
Beate Bolen, Barclay Investments, Inc.

"The creative muse, Simone has inspired us all -she shines and we all want to shine with her." 
Hillary Fandel, Teacher

"What exhilarating venues Simone provides! Everything is exciting - the music, decorations, special effects, atmosphere -she does it all with a personal style!"
Bob, Ridgefield Park

"Simone is a wonderful and gifted teacher -full of grace, energy and good humor."
Alice Freed, Professor of Linguistics

"Look what you've done to my life, Simone! Your enthusiasm and passion has changed my whole outlook!"
Jill, Queens

"Time after time Simone continues to outdo herself. The ambiance, decorations and generosity that our hostess provided ensured that a good time was had by all."
Karen, Union

"Simone brings out the best in people and the lessons, dances and parties are great fun."
Raj, East Hanover

"What a fabulous teacher Simone is! Full of enthusiasm and passion in how she breaks down the concepts in the art of leading."
Ray, Clifton

QUOTES from Teachers

"Simone and her group brought us a performance that wasn't just good -it was excellent! It was engaging, lively, and such fun to watch. A top notch New York performance in the afternoon! What a treat!"
Adunni Anderson, Principal, Edgemount School, Montclair

"Simone's presentations to my class were very clever in how she broke down important concepts of the music and dance in such an intriguing way. It was perfect for the children to prepare for the performance which was dazzling. The children were watching every movement."
Mary Fiumara, 2nd grade

"My students reacted with such enthusiasm that they continued dancing well after Simone's presentations. The movement my first graders were involved with was perfect for their age and yet Simone had great control."
Kathleen Hart, 1st grade

"We were all so thrilled with the "Swinging with Simone" performance! What joy! We were so moved that we wanted to get up and dance ourselves!"
Anne Fagan, 4th grade

"Simone's presentations stimulated the children's excitement about dance and the possibilities of having fun. They really, really enjoyed it."
Valerie Oliva, Principal, Sacred Heart School, Bloomfield.

"The 'Swinging with Simone' class was so innovative and inspiring. You brought out creativity in movement to music I didn't realize my children were capable of! I will certainly utilize some of what I observed."
Roxanne Zay, Pre-School, First Cerebral Palsy of NJ

"Simone, thank you for coming. We had so much fun. I was impressed by how involved they became in the dance. They asked for more!"
Michelle Price, Pre-School, First Cerebral Palsy of NJ

"Simone, we loved moving and dancing with you! We wished we didn't have to end.Come back soon."
Ms. Jackie, Middle Class, First Cerebral Palsy of NJ

"Thanks alot for a great treat. You're ability to reach all the kids was delightful. We look foward to to having you again."
Ms. Beth, Upper Class, First Cerebral Palsy of NJ



Swinging at Simone's

Her entry is quietly marooned in dressage
Her bobby socks show her cute devilishness
Her mischievous manner hales a lightness of existence
Her energy lies latent ready for explosive retrieval
Her expression speaks an embrace of delighted playfulness
Her vivaciousness suffuses the room causing a cacophony of capriciousness
Her nature is of a gifted loveliness
Entrancing us with her wondrous vitality of indicative viscosity
Her captivating verve ruptures the atmosphere
Preparing the participants for an evening of frivolous frivolity
Draped in a seriousness of delicious excitement
Epitomized by her genuine smile of insouciance
Her agreeable demeanor demands a surrender of the elements
Resulting in a galvanized air of anticipation
They word go resonates in very muscle of each student
She makes the word alive seem small in comparison
Her exterior portrays a coiled spring waiting to be released
Then she goes
Her effervescence unravels in golden shades of intangibility
She reverberates into the very essence of the ambiance
Superlatives secretly rumble in concordance
Marvelous look at her in astonished admiration
Superb looks on in bewilderment
Amazing turns in on itself not knowing where to go
Tremendous stand in disbelief at the display
Fantastic stands and applauds
Outstanding just stares in belief
Incredible bombards itself with incredulity
Remarkable and spectacular argue over
Who is first to congratulate her performance
Her liveliness breaks up the discourse
Her ebullience takes off the kid gloves for the real sparks to fly
Her vigor and gaiety goad all into an invitation of blissful participation
Where the possibility of happiness and joy happens in its entirety
People comment that heaven is a place in the afterlife
It's here at Simones and it's real…

Copyright Peter Campbell 4/30/2003


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